Just Like Me Books Reviews


Find Out What Our Customers Have To Say About Just Like Me Series

"The Just Like Me Coloring Books foster positive images of African Americans and fill a need that is not currently done through traditional history books."
V. Logan
New Jersey


"Every household in America should have a set of Just Like Me Coloring Books. I am 42 years old and I learned a lot of new information about African American history."
T. Golden


“These Just Like Me Books make wonderful gifts and are very informative for people of all ages.”
D. Dean


“Two of my children are 12 and 13 years old, but when my oldest daughter showed them the books, they were excited to learn so many things about Africa and African Americans.  The inventions book is my son’s favorite, He loves to look at the patents in the back and figure out how the inventions work.  Thank you so much, they were never taught these things in school.”
J. Ramos


"My Godchildren go to sleep with those books. They bring them to school and to the baby-sitter. They especially love the book of careers. It definitely helps them dream BIG."
S. Davis
New York


“We took the whole day going through the Just Like Me Books and WOW!! Just WOW!! My 11 year old son has a learning disability and he says “he can’t” a lot and focuses on becoming a construction worker. I showed him the books and pointed out all the things African Americans have invented and told him he can do anything. He feels better about himself now and doesn’t say I can’t as much. Thank you! Thank you!”
A. Myers


"I think they are very nice, my daughter and other
family members who are teachers were very impressed."
J. Jackson


"The books are awesome - My godchildren love them. These books aren't just for children, Just Like Me Books are also great for adults. It connects us to our roots, heritage, and confirms how powerful we are as a race. Yaba Baker, thank you for the 'eye opener' a wealth of knowledge."
A. Loiseau
New York


"I never imagined that a coloring book could teach adults while entertaining children. Upon initially being introduced to Just Like Me, I instantly knew it would become a classic in children's books. I am so sure that this series is destined to be a classic, I purchased and framed a first edition Just Like Me Coloring Book and hung it on my wall."
C. Archer


"These African American Children's books (Just Like Me) are very enlightening and quite informative. My daughter is only 3 years old but I still read these books to her. The reason I'm writing is to show great appreciation for all the hard work and dedication that must have went into creating these products. Thank you!!!"
T. Johnson


"This is a great idea to combine fun and learning! The children, as well as adults, love the books. It's a great gift idea too."
N. Drew
New York


"I love your Just Like Me Books. I bought sets of them for my family reunion last year and all the children loved them. Their parents were so thrilled to have them and look forward to buying more. My older cousin owns two day-care centers and is planning to purchase a whole set for her centers and incorporate it into her curriculum there. I'm telling you, these books are great!!! I especially love the one about civilizations. My little cousins are so empowered to learn more about their history just by being exposed to this knowledge. And they love to show off their skills to a friend, which just makes my day - EACH ONE, TEACH ONE!!! Thank you Mr. Baker for the Vision and Contribution of Fun and MUCH NEEDED KNOWLEDGE!!! The World Thanks You!!!"
S. Farley
Washington, D.C.


"The Just Like Me Books are not only educational but the books are also a lot of fun. These books give the necessary insight as well as educate children and adults about our heritage that is hard to find anywhere else.”
J. Turner


“The Just Like Me materials are presented in a fun, easy to read format that motivates children of color to learn about their history and culture, Pique curiosity about careers, and discover how African-Americans have changed America with their inventions in a unique way. As an educator, I feel it is very important to plant the seed to succeed very early in life. It's imperative to surround children of all colors, races and cultures with positive images, responsible role models and to give them hope that they too will become successful in life. The Just Like Me Books are a valuable resource to parents and adults that work with children. “
L. Scian
New Jersey


"It's wonderful to know that because of Just Like Me Books children can learn facts about our history that we did not know as children."
S. Dent
New Jersey


"Those books are beautifully laid out. I wish I had them when I was a child!"
P. Roy