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"Beauty Comes in Many Forms!
Princess Briana is brilliantly written, creatively drawn, and the lush colors of the illustrator's palette bring out the beauty of the story. With the increasing number of television shows, commercials, and magazines teaching "beauty" standards, books of this nature are a gem for the community. PRINCESS BRIANA should be a resource used in homes, schools, libraries, and churches to assist in creating positive self-esteem amongst children, regardless of their ethnicity. It is a positive reinforcement that beauty comes from within and comes in all sizes, shapes, and colors."

Reviewed by Tee C. Royal of The RAWSISTAZ™ Reviewers


"I love myself!
MY STUDENTS AND I LOVE THIS BOOK! Finally there is a book that addresses one of the key issues that face adolescents today, which is how they view themselves. Girls of any ethnic background can relate to this book because it points out the need to love yourself for who you are and not who society portrays beauty to be. After reading this story to my young students they told me what they liked the most about the book. First they let me know that the detail put into the illustration of the African American character helped them relate to her better. They understood the point that all of us should value ourselves as queens or princesses so we don't try to conform to what we are not. Teenagers or young girls who haven't started paying attention to what the media says is beautiful should have this book in their hands before it's too late. "
S. Howard


"Princess Briana is for Boys TOO!
I bought Princess Briana for my 5 year old son for Christmas.  At first my husband asked me why I bought him a "girls" book, but when we read the story to the boys that night, he was very impressed with the message.  This is a wonderful, wonderful book for both boys and girls.  I think as adults we don't realize the affect of the media (especially old fairytales) on our children's perception of beauty.   Princess Briana is now one of my son's favorite books and he always talks about how beautiful she is.  I can't thank you enough for this book and please keep up the good work.
L. Pendarvis


“Just wanted to thank JLM books for an excellent product.  
I recently purchased three copies of the Princess Briana book from Karibu Books in Bowie, Maryland---one for my daughter and the other two for gifts for little girls who have been dreaming of becoming princess (ie, Cinderella, Ariel, Sleeping Beauty).  The book is just what I have been looking for to affirm my little princess in all of her beauty!! I have spread the word about your products and website and look forward to more books, videos for my children. Thanks again!!!”


"Best children's book out there!
Princess Briana is a wonderful book! It's truly inspiring and I think that all young girls should read it. It has a really good message that's relatable to all ages. And the quality of the book is truly exceptional!!"
D. Walton 


"Beautiful book for African American girls!
I love Princess Briana!!! This is an excellent book for young African American girls. It promotes self love and acceptance. It is a beautiful book with lovely illustrations. This book was purchased for my niece whose name just happens to be Briana. She couldn't put the book down and couldn't wait to show it to her friends. I highly recommend it!"
K. Smith


"Black Girls Are Princesses TOO!
I soooo loved the colors and attention to detail of the pictures and the wonderful point the story made that black girls are just as pretty as anyone else. My niece was really into this book, she listened so attentively when it was being read to her."


"Princess Briana - A Must-Have for your Child's Collection
This book is a long-awaited story. I wish I had this book when I was younger. I got one for my 5-year-old daughter, and as gifts for my nieces and godchildren. It's a well-written story, lots of colorful artwork and a message that all young people need to hear."
N. Drew


"We're All Beautiful Queens!
I liked this book because it showed that you don't have to be blue eyed and blonde haired to be beautiful. The illustrations were so detailed and really helped tell the story well. When I started reading it to my daughter she didn't want me to stop until the whole book was finished."


"Best Princess Book around!!
I love Princess Briana because it is a wonderfully inspiring book about finding your self-worth and valuing who you are. It is beautifully written and illustrated. A must for all parents to get for their girls and boys."


“Beauty's Many Faces
I've been waiting all my life for a book like this one! When I read Princess Briana the first time, I saw myself. I realized that we as children don't know what we are not until someone imparts their fears, insecurities, and experiences upon us. We then grow up questioning our own beauty and inner strength. It takes people who have overcome similar struggles to help us out of that faulty mindset. Princess Briana helps recondition the mind through positive media images. We can identify with each character throughout the story. This book also makes us reflect on the outward influences on our children and how they shape their personalities and lifestyles as adults. We discover how our words and own self-image can both harm and help children become what they become.”
J. Alexander


“Wow!  What a great book!
My girls love Princess Briana and I am so excited that she is all things beautiful like them.  What an awesome encouragement in a society where very few books portray our black little girls as they are: beautiful, smart and purposed!”
V. Pearce


“I just wanted to thank you
for adding some positive books to the future of our kids, who are fighting so hard just to exist. These are the kind of books I want for my grandchildren and they will make wonderful gifts for my friends. Keep them coming.


I purchased the book Princess Briana for my niece and I'm completely in love with it.  The book is so beautifully illustrated and I look forward to reading more Just Like Me Books.  You guys should be commended for recognizing this desperate need and actually making an effort to do something about it. I've purchased African American children's books before, but I've never enjoyed reading one as much as I've enjoyed Princess Briana.  Keep up the great work and I'm letting everyone I come in contact with know about this spectacular book!  
K. Diamond