Breaking the Mental Chains of Black Teenagers

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The author, Yaba Baker, has already tested the book's effectiveness with an at-risk 8th-grade class in a Maryland public school. Over 4 weeks the class read Breaking the Mental Chains of Black Teenagers. Two or three chapters (the chapters are small 1 to 3 pages) from the book were read for each session. Yaba would lead the class in a discussion about the information for that session. The results were startling!! Click on the Testimonials tab to see how the lives of these teens were literally changed by this book

8th grade teacher uses the Breaking the Mental Chains of Black Teenagers book in her class, below are the testimonials.

“The growth in my classroom was amazing and continuous! Some students didn't want to speak or get involve at first, but after reading the first couple of chapters they wanted to participate in the session and discuss the material after class. The rich conversation was the best to me. They were utilizing their metacognitive thought processes.  There were a number of students who also took it upon themselves to extend their newfound information by doing their own research to learn more about what they read. I would definitely recommend this book to other teachers, parents, mentors to use with the children in their life because knowledge is power. This book equips students with knowledge that they would have never known otherwise that knowledge builds their self-esteem. The children learn and understand that they come from a people that are way beyond the stereotypes they are accustomed to seeing in media.”

                                Ms. Braxton,
                                8th grade teacher

"I enjoyed chapters 8 and 9 from the book the most because I think without leadership and putting God in your life you will fail. I would recommend this book because it’s like a guide to everything you need in life."
                                8th grade student

"I recommend this book for all teens because maybe they’ll learn a lesson about life like I did."
                                8th grade student

"The best chapters in the book (Breaking the Mental Chains of Black Teenagers) were Chapter 2 (The Truth About Black People) and Chapter 10 (Who is Yaba Baker? And, Why Did He Write This Book?). To be honest I thought he (Yaba Baker) would be just another crappy dude in a suit. Yet, when I read the book I learned so many funny and awesome things.  Dude got skills!”
                                8th grade student

“The entire book is powerful! Kids should read this book because it can help with daily problems, it gives us our history, and advice on life.
                                    8th grade student

“Don’t get discouraged about the title of the book, even if you’re not black still read it. I’m Latina, don’t feel strange.  It’s a very good book and you can learn many important things that can be applied to your life for a better future. “
                                    8th grade student

I really like chapter 8, the section on being a leader and what it takes to lead. It is practical information for anyone reading this book. The definitions really break it down so anyone can understand it. I recommend this book to 7th graders and up.
                                    Angel R,
                                    8th grade student

“My favorite part of the book was practically everything…I really learned a lot. My most favorite part was chapter 8, it was about leaders. The book boosted my confidence on just being myself. Thank you!!”

                                    8th grade student

“I really liked chapter 3, “The Real Reasons to go to School” because I always tried to get A’s and B’s without really learning the information. From now on I will learn the information and take notes  (so I can use the information for later on in life) and not just try to get A’s and B’s”
                                    8th grade student

The chapter on “Who is Yaba Baker” really encouraged me because he was like me but now he is making books on how people can improve their lives. I would recommend this to anyone, especially close friends and family. This is an awesome book and I hope other people get something from it as well.

                                    8th grade student

I would recommend this book to people because people need to know the truth about African American history.

                                    8th grade student

I think all of the chapters will make a huge impact on anybody who reads this book. However, chapter two will show people of color how great they can be and to respect themselves more.

                                    8th grade student

Chapter 2 was the most powerful chapter to me because it gave great information about how Africans were kings and queens. The chapter gave some great wisdom nuggets about Africans that we would have never learned in school and it was exciting to read. I would recommend other teens to read this book. It will help them overcome the hardships in life. You are going to be amazed by what you read in this book. This book is very inspiring, please go get it!!!

                                    8th grade student

The chapter that (had) the most impact on me was chapter 8, “Why is it Important to be a Leader.” This chapter tells the reader the traits of a leader, not any leader, not a leader that lies and is a dictator but a leader that is driven, focused, humble, mentally strong, has the ability to listen, is accountable, and confident. I would recommend people to read this book because it raises your self-esteem and it helped me a lot. Anyone who reads this book will be helped too.

                                    8th grade student

I liked chapters 2, 8, 9, and 10. I like those chapters because those chapters show you what African Americans can do with our lives. We can be very successful (at anything we do). The other chapters show steps to how we can become a great leader. I think all teenagers should read this book because it reveals a lot and a lot of us can relate to it.

                                    8th grade student

Teenagers should read this book because knowledge is power and there is a lot of knowledge (in this book).

                                    Jacquez ,
                                    8th grade student

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